Windsor Safari Park


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hi Ban, no that was my second, here's my first on a run up to Worcestershire in 1981, visiting my Dad's neighbours who we always referred to as Uncle Bill and Auntie Nancy but in fact they were just my Dad's neighbours before he moved house in 1947!! but we knew them from all the times my Mum and Dad returned to Worcestershire to see them, they got on famously and really missed each other, we were on our way to Sutton Coldfield to see my IN-LAWS! hehe got this fabulous Rover 2000 SC auto in 1976, still had it in 1981/2 until I moved onto the 2nd one which was even better


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That’s a nice story and a nice looking car, I suspect that parts to get hold of back then was a lot easier have you had a look about to see if any of your old P6s are still on the road :):)
There was a cracking video of a similar car on Google some time back, on a family trip to Canvey Island iirc (with a Barbra Streisand sound track!).
Was that your vid by any chance?


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Happy days! Back when there was still a few quid to be made from fixing cars. Lucky for me a pair of overalls never go in or out of fashion.