Window Frames !?!?!

Hello, how on earth do I get the window frames out please?
The frames are triangle shaped going down into the door and obviously get wider as they are pulled up. I've tried pulling sideways (both ways) but they just jam at every angle,
Tried taking the glass out of the frame but that won't let go either.
There is a strengthening panel at the bottom of the Frame, that is welded on preventing movement inwards, as is the rest of the frame welded.
Two of us have been messing with Leyland for donkeys and are both scratching our heads!!
If I have at least half of the drama putting frames back in to the freshly painted doors, they will be destroyed.

Do I really need to cut through the bottom strengthener?? Surely not!
The doors came as just shells, so I have to transfer everything across.


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The front ones are a bit of a PITA, back ones are really easy, so just do those.......

Fronts do come out but do take some jiggling to get them to just the right position, I just can't remember exactly how I used to do it, but it can't be that hard as I did it, and I'm a grease monkey, not a bodywork monkey.. Have you got the rest of the door shell stripped? You definitely don't need to be cutting anything.


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I've just had a refresher course, and the screws that secure the frame at the front of the door go into a bracket that then bolts to the frame, and this bracket needs to be removed completely, if it's left on the frame the frame won't come out.