Window frame pan head screws


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Refurbishing the driver's side front door, and have pretty much destroyed the four pan head phillips screws that hold the font and back of the frame in place.

Is there any technical/engineering reason for using these pan headed screws, and is it OK to replace them with ordinary hexagon head bolts?



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How does one refit the domed grey plastic caps? Mine seem somehow enlarged and wouldn't snugly stay in place after removal for a respray. They don't look deformed either. Is there a trick to it?

clive P62

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First make sure you have that small correct flat washer fitted under the special screws.
In some cases the plastic stretches with time and some glue may be needed to keep them on.


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Do you still need the original pan heads as I have some old doors here?
these should be on a maintenance schedule to owning a P6 and I know that sounds over the top
until you have a problem and need to remove the frame work within the door.
Grease them with copper grease rain water ect.
Problematic to get out I found even with the head they snap off and can remain in the frame / door.
You might have to drill them out of the door/frame if not looked after :oops:
Also two metal brackets in the bottom of the door that also hold the frame in place
I cant express enough how important it is to keep this rust free otherwise they rot and snap :)
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All good advice - thanks.

In the end I purchased stainless steel 1/4” UNF pan head machine screws from Westfield Fasteners. They look v posh - I might leave the plastic covers off. 607C937E-EE46-489E-9C21-FD2632608FCC.jpeg 7D6320AA-5C5A-4320-A66B-122A4B243CB7.jpeg