who's patent?


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One of our cars in the Alps somewhere. The rear suspension is De Dion with Watts link, the tube is fixed length, with the variation in length accommodated by the plunge in the driveshafts, that have four CV joints. The diff being Ford limited slip and bolted to the chassis.
The De Dion tube and all of the linkages are made in house.
This car was atop the 2019 Goodwood festival of speed sculpture, and sold shortly afterward. GoodwoodFestivalofSpeed2019 Blue nose and fireworks.jpg
Mystery solved! The designer/inventor of the telescoping deDion tube was Stewart Tresilian -- see attached PDF of the patent. Stewart got around: a copy of a posthumous CV is available here:
Stewart S. Tresilian - a C.V.

I still haven't found my original reference source. Many thanks to all for your replies; Tonys post helped to ring a bell, - a different one, but one which led to the eventual answer.



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Thanks Forbes,
I've just read his posthumous CV (see Link in previous post). If I have a single paragraph like any of his, I'd feel I'd done something.

Highlights include :
  • The design of a very short stroke ohc 4 1/2 litre V8 engine for Armstrong Siddeley Armstrong sounds tantalizing.
  • Then his uncompleted projected included V12 engine of about 4 1/2 litres 11,000+ rpm lean burn engine to produce at least 1000hp...... Now put that in a car fitted with his sliding-tube de Dion and, as his patent says, "a jamming" diff.

It wonder if he conceived the sliding-tube de Dion for a Lagonda?
"Had Lagonda more money, he planned the V12 to have an aluminium and less undersquare engine, de Dion rear set-up and be turbo-supercharged!" Then selling it to Rover with his "Consultancy work for Rovers on the 2000 project"

Very interesting Thread.