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White P6 in Stockport

Discussion in 'Cars Spotted' started by Riddler, May 23, 2017.

  1. Riddler

    Riddler Active Member

    Saw a white P6, possibly a V8, driving down Regent Road in Heaviley, Stockport on its way to the A6 yesterday. Driver looked like he had a cowboy hat on.
    Was not in my P6 as I was in my driving school car with a pupil.
    Anybody on here?
  2. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    could have been "Hopperlong Casidy", has a white charger , not sure if its a V8?
  3. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    Mick Burke in a cowboy hat?
  4. Tam

    Tam Member

    This one lives in Stockport! Fairly memorable number plates though!

  5. DaveCol

    DaveCol Member

    ZV is an Irish reg, used on imported cars mainly pre 1987. Interesting that it is in Stockport
  6. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    It looks to be well looked after too, nice to see used as every day car..:)
  7. Junkman

    Junkman Member

    It's my car and it's for sale.

    But since I never wear a cowboy hat, there must be another white one in Stockport then.
  8. Riddler

    Riddler Active Member

    Well it might have been a sun hat of some kind. It was going down a little side street to join Buxton Road where there is a used car show room?
  9. Buzby

    Buzby New Member

    I own a white P6 3500 live in stockport my current hat of choice is a Panama

  10. cobraboy

    cobraboy Active Member

    What a Buzby with a Panama on top ?

    Got any pics ?
  11. Riddler

    Riddler Active Member

    Have now found the guy. Saw him again and was able to stop for a brief chat and exchanged numbers. Called John. Meeting up this week. Is that you then, Buzby?
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
  12. Buzby

    Buzby New Member

  13. Buzby

    Buzby New Member

  14. Buzby

    Buzby New Member

    My Rover.

  15. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    nice car mate..
    fit for a king or prince charlie himself.........:D
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2017
  16. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    very nice looking car, always nicer with the sundym glass.

  17. Riddler

    Riddler Active Member

    Yes, but are you John who I am meeting up with tomorrow or is this another white P6 in Stockport? Rob
  18. Riddler

    Riddler Active Member

    OK, so Buzby is John and we met up today, as the picture shows! Took him on a run up to meet the Rover guru Tom Cheetham at Lake View Garage in Rushton Spencer - Tom sorted out a few jobs on his car for him while he was there!
    IMG_0729 (Medium).JPG
  19. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    that's a nice picture of two magnificent cars, I notice that your car (Riddler) has the very rare headrests to the back seats!
    I found a set on the MG website, yesterday, mentioned elsewhere in other post on here.
    At a premium price , but so rare ?
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  20. Riddler

    Riddler Active Member

    Here's where I got them:
    J R Wadhams Ltd | Rear headrests
    They are vinyl but nicely made and a good colour match for my sandalwood interior.

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