White P6 3500 in Cardiff

Yes, first one in this catagory!
If you spotted a White Three Thousand Five in Cardiff last week then it was me!
If you didn't, look out again next week cos I'll be blasting away from traffic lights and going very slow in front of the cameras - Don't we all!
Regards, John.
And in Cardiff you could gain 12 points in a single street (all in the interests of road safety, of course!)
Still, I will be out again this weekend, just hope that my 37 year old speedo is accurate enough for modern government punishment systems!
I'll be crusin' around Cardiff, Penarth and Barry looking for walls to reverberate that lovely V8 exhaust note!
Spot me and flash me - Just your headlights, thanks.
Regards, John.
John my speedo in my 2000 reads fast upto around 33 - but by the time I'm doing 55 it startsto read slow! (checked last year with a speed camera detector/GPS thingy)
I was out last night in Falkirk for the first time ever in my 3500 auto with manual steering - only a short trip as the tyres need replaced- goes along nicely - :O