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I've just been down to M&S to get snackies, and they're empty. Car park is pretty much deserted, and more staff than customers in the store :p

Still no toilet rolls though :rolleyes:
Looks really weird with nobody out compared to normal.
Cape Town just announced a 21 day lockdown, which is going to be interesting with a vast number of people dependant on casual work for their daily needs, and not to mention the weekly paid folks and small businesses.

My wife has an interesting problem, her Mum has Parkinsons and my wife is her only support system, but now we are on lock down, how is she going to get from our house to hers 3 times a week? She is off to the local Fuzz Depot to see if they can shed any light for her.


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Being fairly isolated here anyway, not a lot has changed at home and I’ve had some work to keep me going, these gates last week, sheeting them this week when the steel arrives


But on the roads it’s like nothing is wrong, I don’t understand people’s mentality around here. I drove a couple of Italian friends to Heathrow yesterday as no flights from Gatwick, and the roads were busier than ever..
Apparently Brighton beach was heaving like a mid summer weekend!

The Rover is going to be able to get a lot of attention now so updates soon



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Quite a few people on the road in my area this morning. 1/4 of them seem to be over 60.. and not heading in/out of the shops.

People will continue to take the piss, and argue, until the lockdown is enforced.


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Yeah for the avoidance of doubt my ride out was pre lockdown, but still during the voluntary period, therefore I will point out that the car had fuel in it from last season. I left home on circular 10 mile route, did not stop, did not see anyone to talk to, and arrived back home.
It was a real treat, something I won't be able to do for a while.

Well I say that, as long as I have fuel in it and don't stop anywhere I guess I could.......

One blessing is that although I am very rural the road past the house is a rat run in the rush hour - at the moment there is no rush hour.
Driving home from Kings Lynn docks Friday night l started getting a sore throat so l isolated like a good citizen & cancelled my work for this week. It's gone now but l'm planning on the full two weeks iso' with my wife whose little shop has died on it's derrière for the time being. Home DIY is occupying me & I'm quite enjoying it so far. I kitted out the loft with a sound system of classic units l had lying around up there. My wife said that wasn't on the to-do list but l told her l enjoyed doing those extra little jobs for her.

We finished off decorating the bathroom today though.

Same here. I have been on a monumental home maintenance spree since last November when work petered out. Mostly exterior decorating. I have really enjoyed it and have this week ordered in lots more materials to keep me busy.

I have also been engaged on the land. We have small meadow that has a wee river at the bottom. Getting in there with a pair of wellies on and keeping it all ship shape is such a pleasure, I saw a Kingfisher again yesterday !
In the last week I have been replacing rotted fence posts and rails. I am very lucky in that I really don't need to go anywhere else.
There is also an inexhaustible food supply, here is yesterday's pigeon lunch.
Wood pigeon are in abundance here, rather like Locusts they do serious damage to a crop in no time. There is not that much meat on a breast once you have it off the bone. There is no scale to that pic, it will fit on your hand.

The reason I took the pic was years ago I watched an old country boy get a pigeon and with only using his hands, no tools, get a breast to that stage ready to cook. I wanted to give it a try, and that is my first attempt, I was pleased with that.


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I’m still getting steel deliveries so I managed to finish those barn doors today for my landlord, complete with a split military star badge, although admittedly perhaps looks more Wild West in the raw steel currently. Will be painted white on green background

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