When was this engine used?

Hi I have a P6 3500 with an injection engine. But I don't know what engine it is. It has no number on the left side near the exhaust. Thas is wher normally the engine number is. It is flat there with no Number.

I will fit LPG to it but then I have to know what kind of engine it is and in what car in what year it was used.

Do you have any idea??

thanks in advance!!!!!



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Try looking at the shoulder behind the LH cylinder head. Early engines had the number there and your engine may have been built using an early block. having said that if the top of the block next to the dipstick tube has a flat area that's where the number should be, early blocks don't have that flat area in the casting. If you have that flat area with no number on it then the block may have been decked.
thanks for your answer Harvey. Hereby a picture of the area where the number should be. It is the flatspot near the dipstick.
What do you mean with Decked?

ah " to deck" I looked it up. May be decked indeed!
But does someone know which year these kind of injection engines are made?


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looks like a "flapper" injection system, so SD1, and early Land/Range Rover IIRC. Rocker covers look like Land/Range rover.
does "decked " mean that it is a "ring in" , as in stolen and modified to sell at a huge profit, buy a plot in the Bahamas and retire to the style that we have all become accustomed to? :rolleyes:
Peter (undecked) so far...


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Decking means covering a perfectly good area of garden with timber which can be used as a patio when dry. When wet, Torville and Dean can use it for practise.

It might mean it's been skimmed however :)

It looks to be the early export-spec EFI, as was produced for the USA and Aus in around 1980.
Unless the EFI has been retro-fitted, it should have a 8.13:1 compression ratio.

Interestingly, the Plenum looks to be the opposite way around from what I've seen on a NAS SD1 too. Must mean that two castings were originally made.
As above, yours looks like the injected Triumph TR8 version.
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There's a chap oop north who has a 3500EI, or that's what it says on the badges. It has two SU's so probably not the correct badges :rolleyes:

I did look into this after I saw it, and found the EI plenum is certainly not like that one, so it's not the EI. What do the badges in the front wings say?

Is it one of the early flapper types?
thanks everyone!I do not know where the engine came from. It was already on the car that is in the Netherlands.
hmmmm 8.13:1 compression ratio....... not the strongest around then! I would like to put LPG in it but that will leave me with even less power...... Doe sanyone know how to determine that it has actually 8.13:1 compression ratrio?
I think I have to measure the compression but are there other signs that give away it is 8.13:1 compression ratio engine?
I could do with low octane fuel though.., Thats would be the only plus I guess.....