Wheels Again - Set of Jeep Cherokee Wheels on Ebay

For all those searching for nice wheels, how about item no 180226513251

Also provides the following interesting information for those taken by the 16" Jeep option:

"Fitted with 205x55x16 Rikken directional tyres, alloy spacers front and rear, longer wheel studs for all 4 wheels, nuts suitable for alloy wheels. I had the spacers machined so you get no rubbing front or rear even on full lock!"

I haven't got access to my tyre size calculator here, but I'm pretty sure that's the correct rolling diameter - compare with 205x65x15 which is correct for 15".

Personally I'm not that keen on the appearance, but I know a lot of you are!

Hmmm, interesting, but a bit pricey for me, mind you it does include 4 nearly new tyres. Just checked the rolling radius and they are slightly smaller (2.41%) than 205/65/15 so would read slightly fast on the speedo, you'd be doing 68 when the speedo says 70 (assuming the speedo was correct which they never are).