wheel nut size info for rover alloys


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westOz74P6B said:
Thanks Graeme, stay with me, now focus, focus, just need to know what size sleeve OD of the wheel nuts you purchased for your series 1 SD1 alloys, I'm tending to think they might be 0.680" shank diameter?? Thanks, you don't have to do it right now, I know it's very late now in NZ, so first thing in the morning before you go to work :LOL: :wink:
Ok, will do it when I get home from work tonight :LOL: tomorrow morning.......nah :mrgreen:

You are using that old imperial method not the modern new swish French method :shock: may have to see if I still have an old imperial micrometer :roll:

Thanks very much for the measurements Graeme, the holes in your wheels are more than likely a standard 0.680" size (11/16") which we may be able to conjecture that they would be the same for all series 1 SD1 alloys?!

chris_v888 said,
hi there stag and dolamite nuts fit the sd1 alloys
Hi Chris, I enquired with rimmerbros about the sleeve diameter of the stag wheel nuts for stag alloy wheels and they say it is 11/16" which is 0.687",
So taking into account that most wheel nut vendors class 11/16" as being 0.680" equivalent, and even if they were 0.687" they would still be 13 thou loose for my 0.700" holes in the series 2 SD1 alloys I have. They may suit the series 1 alloy wheel as in Graeme case but not mine.
hi Scott, I'm, heading over to Adrian Rowland's place tomorrow where I should be able to measure both S1and S2 and will also check to see if they are both hub centred or not. I suspect not as the rear has drum brakes but we will see!

I've been off measuring, Wheel holes are 0.703 nut shank is 0.675 More importantly; Wheels are hub centred! so the gap is immaterial to centering.
mikecoombs added
I've been off measuring, Wheel holes are 0.703 nut shank is 0.675 More importantly; Wheels are hub centred! so the gap is immaterial to centering.
Thanks for the legwork mike and confirming that rover alloys are hub spigot centered. Which I suspected early on in the thread.
The 0.703" size hole seems to be the standard from factory for the rover alloys. That hole size was for both S1 and S2 alloys?????

Graeme added,
Centering is achieved on my nuts (wheel ones) by having a convex machined on the nut face.
Ahh, now then Graeme, so what I took from your earlier remarks is that the wheel nuts you purchased from your local autoparts shop (SCA) were the correct sleeve diameter to both centralise and clamp your S1 alloys. Now you seem to be saying that the nuts you purchased have a taper seat as well?? to centralise your alloys?? or have you modified them to utilise a taper (convex) on the nut face?? because if the holes in your wheels are around 0.700"-0.703" mark then your wheel nuts at 0.673" will be loose in the wheel but you then rely on this convex seat to centralise the wheels??

The photo you posted earlier of the wheel nuts you have does not seem to show any convex seat unless the washers were obscuring it??
Any chance of finding out how loose (if indeed they are) your wheel nuts are in relation to the actual holes in the alloys, of which I suspect they should/might be around the 0.703" mark and not of the 0.680" which I surmised earlier, thanks


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The nut face is very mildly convex, you can just see it in the photo. When the weather warms I may remove a wheel and have a measure of the hole size.

I've been having a look around at "Modern" wheel practice and notice a lot of 4WD mags are held on with tapered nuts. the mags have inserts with the correct taper on them, giving centering without gouging or galling the wheel. The nuts still have a straight sleeved section then a large taper ona widened section priot to the hex. This might be worth looking at if you could use an off the shelf nut.
UPDATE on progress,
Well I made up 5 mild steel wheel nuts with an exact OD for the holes I reamed out to 0.750" on one of my alloys (well not exact size but around 0.748") and they were perfect to centralise the alloy wheels on the front hubs (without the grease cap) and the rear hub. So the challenge now is to cost some stainless hex bar and make up a set myself, I made the test mild steel ones last year so progress has slowed a bit as I've had to let the rego lapse due to too many vehicles to license, but will update when I get a price on stainless hex bar and if I proceed then I might make them to suit the 0.700" diameter holes that are in the remaining wheels or ream all the wheels to 0.750".



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I would be very wary of just any old stainless as it tends to be very soft so check the grade, ductility and shear strength


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Hi, excuse me for being a bit thick, but whats the conclusion here:

a. use 7/16 UNF 11/16 sleeve 0.8" shank as standard
b. drill-out the holes and use 7/16 UNF 3/4 sleeve 0.8" shank (SN31)

i.e. a definitive conclusion after a year?
a. No, as 11/16" diameter shank (0.687") size is smaller than the 0.700" holes in my alloys.
b. Yes, if only I can find a manufacurer of wheel nuts with consistentcy of OD size and concentricity of thread in relation to shank OD

I emailed Wrington Engineering Wheel Nuts Home and asked if they did a CNC version of SN31's but they had no plans to and cost would have been a bit prohibitive for a special order.

I had gotten a set of SN31's from a UK source but these as mentioned earlier in the thread, proved to be of widely variable OD size.

So, do I take a punt and order another set of SN31's from somewhere else hoping they are of better quality? Maybe that's an option.

A definitive conclusion you ask, wish I'd never bothered, but as per your 4 speed auto dream this is a project in progress, even after a year, dear me has it been a year, I'm not beaten yet, but not sourced any stainless hex bar yet.


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To me the best engineering solution would be to mount the chromed or stainless nut of your choice via a threaded stud in a 3 jaw chuck in a lathe then turn it to a specified diameter, then sleeve it and turn to your ideal diameter which you of course can make anything you like as you can then drill the mags to suit.



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Well, according to Warren, he of the ZF 4HP fame who uses the exact wheels I wish to, he went to his local shop and they found him a set that fitted perfectly....

The Rostyles have to go, they ride so badly due to their weight, finding every pothole.


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Peter, if you like Alus, on ebay there is a set of 6x14 SD1 wheels, not too far from the Basel border.
Think, he will accept 170 for all four (150 he did not...).


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Hi, I already got 5xSd1 wheels from the UK. I paid £80 but they need refurb as you would expect.

I'm not actually a fan of non-original wheels, in fact I love the look of the Rostyles but they weigh 19kg a piece. The only one that looks vaguely original to me is the S1 SD1 14" wheel. This is nearly 10kg a corner lighter than the Rostyle. The difference will be very noticeable, especially ride quality.

Another advantage of the SD1 is that it is 6.5" rather than 6" which means you can fit a 205/70 or even if you stick with the 185/80, it is better located.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for these things. A surprising amount of old rover stuff comes up here.
I may try these wheelnuts, Grayston Sleeve Wheel Nut & Flat Washer 7/16" UNF 3/4" Sleeve & 0.8" Long Shank | advantage-motorsport.co.uk - shop online to buy racewear race parts rally trackday and motorsport accessories , they are SN31's, my last set of SN31's I sourced from UK were the poor quality ones i mentioned earlier on in this thread and through email corespondance with other UK vendors they indicated that most SN31's were ex China. Hopefully quality has improved since my last purchase!! as I don't think that even Grayston make their own or I could be wrong.

Peter mentioned,
Well, according to Warren, he of the ZF 4HP fame who uses the exact wheels I wish to, he went to his local shop and they found him a set that fitted perfectly....
Warren has the Vitesse alloys, doesn't he?? which I believe have either 0.680" holes so would be able to get standard wheelnuts off the shelf. Or may have 0.750" holes (as Barten has with his Rimmer Bros bought Vitesse wheels and used SN31's with no problems).

Peter also mentioned,
Another advantage of the SD1 is that it is 6.5" rather than 6"
Just to clarify the SD1 series 2 alloys I have are 6" wide as are the series 1 alloys (which Graeme above has), It is the Vitesse alloys which are 6.5" wide.

IMG-2448.JPG IMG-2449.JPG

The Duchess now has new shoes. I have had a set of SD1 alloys refurbed which now adorn the P6B using 205/70 r14 and wheel nuts from mistert for the original P6 thread. I am very pleased with the results which seem to drive better (new wheel illusion?) and make the steering lighter. I now have a complete set of spare P6B wheels which are powder coated and in great condition with 185 x 80 r14 tyres and hub caps. They are listed on ebay if anyone is interested or contact me.