What's this groove?

I just spotted the exact same thing, I was going to come on here and ask exact same question, you save me the trouble. Let’s hope someone has an answer, as I’ve never seen one like that before


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I think this may turn into some sort of conspiracy theory about slightly out of focus photos.

It looks to me like a non-'grooved' wing or a Fake-grooved wing.
What the conspiracy theorists say is a 'groove' is the remains of go faster tape. If you look at the last photo, there is a sharp end on the 'groove', if it was a groove I'd expect to see a shadow, or a distorted reflection. Like the Nasa photos of the 'moon landings', where the shadows were wrong and reflection of a studio lamps in the visors! :eek::eek:

At £25 I may buy it just to find out.... ;)

Look close and see part of the 3 colour groove peeling off. Why aren't there 3 dimensional photographs yet??? Just like in Harry Potter land.