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What fuses do I need?

Discussion in 'Electrics' started by GJM, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. GJM

    GJM Member

    Hi all.

    I want to change all my fuses as my car's got a whole mishmash of ill fitting fuses at the moment.
    I understand I need 32mm glass easyblow fuses.
    But my question is how many of what amp fuses do i need for my 2200TC? The fusebox does not tell me and I don't have a manual for the car.

  2. vaultsman

    vaultsman Well-Known Member

    Hi Graham,

    If you look towards the bottom of Page 2 of my Infamous Series 2 Fusebox thread in this section, I listed the original glass fuse ratings.
    Link: The Infamous Series 2 Fusebox

  3. GJM

    GJM Member

    Ah great yes, in the excel screen shot. Thanks. J can get some proper fuses ordered now.

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