What could be done for the sound

Dear community.

I (almost) enjoyed the first ride with my 3500S.
Still a few things to do to make it run like a P6 should.

The car has a stainless steel exhaust fitted. All except the headers.
Its a premium car, of course, and this is what it sounds like. Very decent, only a silent burble when accelerating at low speeds. Also if i rev the engine a little.
When the sunroof is open, i can hear it, if all is closed... almost nothing, even when going towards the redline

Don't get me wrong, i don't want it to scare pedestrians.
I just wan't the burble to get a little more present, to hear the characteristc V8 sound when accelerating out of the corners and notice if i rev it not only by looking at the counter.

Any ideas?

Phil Robson

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It's THE downside of driving a V8 - the fact that you're the only one who doesn't get to 'enjoy' the wonderful sound!

A friend took the middle silencer out of his car's exhaust, but it was a little noisy for a bystander....

There was an article in a magazine referring to the V8 as the 'Silken Bomber' & I think that sums it up!
Some took the middle silencer off, some the rear...
I assume it is easier with the rear one, but I don't understand the difference it makes to the sound.

I think I loose the tailpipe and have a listening session this weekend.

Some users on youtube have dual exhausts. Is this possible to go around the rear suspension with two pipes or are they just add a second tailpipe?
The problem with youtube is that you can't contact the authors...


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Hi, It's more an art than a science, I've found leaving the middle box in place and changing the back box to a straight pipe gives a better sound without being obtrusive. With twin pipes at the rear it's a bit tricky getting the right hand pipe round the suspension pick up points, namely the panhard bar, and under the battery without cooking it. This produces a slightly different note because the pipes are unequal lengths. The same reason automatic cars sound slightly different to manual ones, the auto front pipes join together at different lengths from the manifolds, whereas the manuals are the same. The other variable is the person listening to it.

the louder more resonant noise is most apparent when using larger bore rear box and possibly mid box too. have a look at petrol head sites and area such as custom cars for folk whom have modified a rover V8 engine and exhaust. often theres somebody making and selling something that will suit.
many younger folk tend to prefer louder emissions though Rover itself was more into trying to show refinement for its owners so a more muted output is normal.

What the hell is this? Sound's like a real mean thing...
huh.... :p


Sweet idle sound...
If i have problems to find sleep, i will record this to my smartphone and have it played all night :cool:
Which of the boxes is missing? front or rear?

I was always into british cars, i must admit.
But since i have my P6 i can't really believe why i waited sooo long for a V8 :D

Thank you guys...
A sound clips says more than thousands words,
i will try without the tail box and check if this fit's my wish.

My dad bought himself a used Porsche Boxter S a few weeks ago, he presented it proudly... but silently i asked myself, where is the sound? i was really a little dissapointed.
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I think that what you are looking for can be found by using two straight through boxes, each of them with enough volume, and packed with glassfibre.
Tried and tested in a variety of engines.
When I bought my 68 v8 it had a 2 inch straight pipe from the bend over the rear driveshafts, what a deep hollow sound running just the centre box, sounds like an American flathead, I can recommend the burble, I did post a video on the Facebook rover p6 club site, give it a try
Thank you for this info,
Unfortunatly i dont have facebook. Could you send me a link?

Do you mean this "glasspacks", i thought this is just another name for the bomb boxes.
I will try without the rear silencer, because this is very easy to test an realize and some of you create a real nice sound with this.

The twin exhaust pipes look great, but if it is not a real dual system i can't see a advantage. I also think it is not easy to balance the flow between theese two pipes. As my exhaust system is actually stainless and almost new, i don't want to throw it away and make it all new.


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Side exits. Decent speakers do it justice.

I wouldn't suggest a silencer delete necessarily...perhaps go for a silencer of "straight through" design - so it will give a more sporty sound but not be brash. Change one out and see if you like the noise...change the second out if you want to go further.


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Do you mean this "glasspacks", i thought this is just another name for the bomb boxes.
I will try without the rear silencer, because this is very easy to test an realize and some of you create a real nice sound with this.
The "problem" with cherry bombs (or any bomb box...) is that they are too narrow, they don't have enough volume and subsequently they are too noisy, at least for my taste. Proper glasspacks have at least the volume of the original boxes, cancel the high frequencies of the noise and usually produce a nice bass.
See what you think about leaving the rear out altogether, but my guess is that it would be on the noisy side.
Dear community.

If anyone has ever thought of building a "real" dual exhaust system, but couldn't find a way around the rear axle and suspension... here is the answer:
img-2886965c28.jpg img-2886968ff7.jpg img-2886972beb.jpg img-28869643d1.jpg img-28869665dd.jpg img-288696327d.jpg img-288697088a.jpg img-2886967656.jpg

The work was done by a guy named Emile Zanders.
He is the owner of the beautiful red 3500, which you may have seen on youtube

He is active in the forum: Club.caradisiac.com and did an amazing job on his P6.
best regards


PS: As you can see, he did not install a H or X Pipe.
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When I had my exhaust system made up, the gent in the exhaust shop said that glasspacks give the best sound for any V8. I tried 4 different arrangements as trial fits, before settling on the one that I have.
Be sure to turn up your speakers. My Rover is not quiet by any stretch, at 70mph (110kph), I hear the lovely deep V8 roar :)



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Before I had my 4.6 installed, I asked about the sound, with the Workshop manager saying that the 4.6 has a deeper, more gnarly sound. My 4.6 certainly sounds different to my 3.5, the design of the exhaust system being the delivery mechanism for that sound. The 4.6 requires 30% more air than the 3.5, so that also means 30% increase in volume of gas leaving the engine. Such a difference will manifest itself in an audible way too! :D:)


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I threw together an exhaust to get my car on the road from what was laying around. I used 3500s manifolds, the 90 deg bends from a 3500s system, a balance pipe, 2" straight pipes into two cherry bomb straight through cans, then turned 45 deg and out before the rear wheel.
Off throttle you can hear a nice burble that wont scare the horses, there is no cabin boom or resonance at cruise and when you stamp on it the noise is - well satisfactory :)

The engine build and state of tune will also be a major factor, a stock motor will be softer and more muted than a high compression cammed up monster.