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I have for ages now wanted a Webasto folding sunroof for my NADA. I had one in my first P6 (and almost my first car!), a £350 1968 2000TC and loved it! I know it is not an original fitment but they are great and I think it would be an acceptable addition. Consider that an American in 1969 finds out about the option and asks for one to be fitted before his car is shipped! Not impossible I think so maybe it could be considered as an option?? Anyway I am torn between having a black cover, or one which is colour matched to the car. As my car is a NADA, all panels including the rear quarter panes are red. My Zircon blue cover was blue as you can see below.

I am after any opinions!!!

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I've seen a white webasto on an ex-factory car, however, that would have been fitted after it was sold in the 1970s. The main colour found at the time was black.

Personally, anything other than black just doesn't do it for me.

As for an American in 1969; if he'd wanted a webasto, Rover would have sent it out to be fitted, likely through someone like Colliers of Solihull who they had a very good relationship with. However, I very much doubt that any were done.

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My friend's French spec 1970 3500 is Zircon with a blue Webasto, like your TC, so it's got to be some shade of red on your NADA :cool:

I've had a Webasto to fit on my Zircon V8S for many many years. It is "Huntsman" & I was going to go on my previous Mexico 'S' but I never got round to it. It needs recovering so I'll do it in black, but I've always wondered if they compromise the driving experience?

Some say they're prone to wind noise & I wouldn't want to have that all the time if I was only going to use it open relatively infrequently.


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As I recall, and it was 35 years ago, my 2000TC was noisier that a car without a sunroof. But to be honest I don't really care. I only really use the cars for shows and summer drives in the country to a pub or park so extra noise really doesn't matter! And lets be honest, the are not exactly free of wind and road noise even when completely standard!!
Thinking back I can only remember seeing the coloured Webasto’s on series 1 models, my 67 Arden green TC has a green cover. This was renewed back in the 80’s by the Webasto agents in London with another green cover made on site while we spent a day sight seeing.
There are still companies around that can do this work such as Car renovation | The Trimming Centre, East Sussex in Sussex.
I think I still have a tabacco leaf roof panel with a matching Webesto in storage.
Later cars appear to be Black/Ebony or Huntsman Brown to match the vinyl roof panel.
Suspect that Rover never offered the Webesto option on the NADA cars because they were fitted with Air Con.

The noise problem is air getting under the cover and lifting it, to over come this the wire cable that runs around the edge of the cover needs to tightened. Seen bad ones on cars that ballon up on the motorway.
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I think you are right that series 1 cars were colour matched. I also agree that probably no NADA ever had one, but as it is theoretically possible that it could have been ordered then I am happy that it is a Rover option:):):thumb:. I don't care really anyway as I love them and I think it would improve the car. I am sure some may disagree!!

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...so it's got to be some shade of red on your NADA :cool:
I was watching the "Salvage Hunters - Classic Cars" P6 episode again last night & noticed this clip of a Motor Show, presumably post '66 (there was a 2000TC on display).


Given this thread, it was interesting to see a red Webasto, admittedly chances are it's on a UK spec car....;). I can't ever remember seeing one before.