What altenator??

Ok taking a previous post on a different direction.

Trying to identify my alternator.
1975 2200Sc.
There are no markings or legible labels.
My Haynes manual claims it is an 11AC.
I have looked under bonnet and drivers glove box and can't find any relay or 3AC unit.
The wiring loom near the altenator has 4 wires but only the 3 in the socket are connected ( suggesting internally regulated)
Whilst looking at up grading to an 18ACR i found a reference on Wadshams site that said 1974 onwards 2200 and 2000 had a 18ACR fitted as standard. The model fitted was replaced in 2013 with a replacement coming from Wins but the receipt does not specify any model.
Obviously a brush kit would be great if i have an 18 but any help would be appreciated, obviously without seeing the item it is impossible to be 100% but educated guesses are welcome.


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Original 1975 vehicles had 18ACR & would have 4 wires according to the wiring diagram in my Rover Co. Workshop Manual and was a battery sensed one by the look of it. Replacements are usually machine sensed and don't need the sensing wire connected.