Welding table


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I have been thinking of making a welding table to work on for landrover doors and bulkhead.

Does anyone had a welding table? I am thinking of hinging one end to the garage wall and have some legs which bolt on or fold out. A work area around the size of am interal door would be good.

Would it be an idea to have sheet of steel with a sheet of copper on top. I am not concerned about passing current through the table top.
For welding a Land Rover bulkhead I'd recommend a jig of some sort. I've just done one by bolting it to my new chassis - "feet" to outriggers; plus wooden planks from windscreen hinge brackets to front spring mounts. I levelled the chassis with a spirit level first then adjusted the planks until both sides of the bulkhead were vertical. This corrected a twist and prevented causing another. It really is worth getting it right.
my brother has a fold down work table hinged to a large piece of 4" bolts dto was with heavy duty hinges ( to take weight and hammering) legs are also in hinges with catches so unfollowing when. lowered to floor and lock in place. would suggest a thin ? metal covering that. will allow good electrical contact. easy. sanding /grinding. issues being. able to build a suitable weight handling sturdy table for our use.