Webmasters Car - Work in progress

Ok guys I've been playing with my favourite P6 photo at the moment, its the bright orange / paprika Australian one with the big alloys.

What I've done is to extend the front door, blend the rear door into the rear wing. Shaved the door handles, the quarter lights, the jacking point plugs, and the over riders, plus I've done the rear quarter panel body colour....

What do you think.

I'll tell you what, its a lot easier doing this stuff on the pc than it is with grinder/welder/filler !!!!

Oh dear, I've been playing too long, I've been through pillarless coupe, then I changed the angle of the centre pillar. I've hidden the wipers under the bonnet ( well sort of ) and I've extended the front valance and wing lower to line up with the sill better. Then I had just one more thing to try......

And I have to admit, there's just something about the convertible I can't get away from, it just looks right !, I'm just imagining myself there, cruising through france, wind in the hair, wife in the passenger seat cocking up the directions...

Richard :D
Richard, That looks really cool, i want one.
Not too sure Joanne would be to happy with you saying she would cock up the directions though :p
Can you do one for me but in the peugeot colour firedance, a bronze type colour.
I must admit, I'm a fixed head man. You lose too much shape with factory rag-tops (up & down) & homemade soft-tops nearly always look terrible. Given the choice (& the money) I simply couldn't drive around in a convertible E-type when the fixed-head design is so flawless, especially the Series 1. Those retro BMW sports models look 500% better with the fast-back roof (though you don't see many of them) as do the new Chrysler equivalents.
The 2-door coupe' is nice.
Unfortunately I'm one of the few people that actually doesn't like the E type at all, especially the fixed head ! and that BMW thing was a disgrace, almost direct copy of the E type.

I'm more of a Corvette fan, love the 50's models and the Mako shark 70's stingrays. Plus I'm a massive hot-rod fan, I guess I just like more vulgar styling.

I agree about the homemade soft tops though, I intend using the removed roof as a hard top (as I was going to do on my previous convertible but somebody skipped it), hence making a 2 door coupe with the hard top up. But I'm also on the lookout for a factory roof that might be a close enough fit to modify, with so many 4 seater convertibles around these days shouldn't be too long before they start turning up in breakers...