Webmasters Car - Work in progress

Thought I'd post a shot of the webmasters car, in its nice warm garage (after 13 years parked out in all weathers with a leaky soft-top).

This shot taken just after finding that the drivers side de-dion elbow was rotten....

Oh well plenty more work to do now.

I'm looking to move the b/c post back a few inches to allow a larger rear seat entry area, this obviously would mean extending the front doors, shortening the rears (actually weld them to the rear wings too). I'm still not totally sure, because I would like to use it this year and starting a major mod like that might kill those plans.

I'll carry on fixing the basic rot for now....

Looks like she'll be heading for the rover car park in the sky soon, I've just been offered a tax exempt 2000 shell in very good condition.

Having found the terrible condition of the current cars de-dion elbows, and taking into account the very poor condition of the base unit (more patches than a cub scouts sleave), doors (more fibreglass than steel), bushes etc, I think it would be better to start again with the decent shell.

I will however be doing something equally radical preferably more radical, so watch this space !


P.s. Anybody want an extremely rotten base unit, or rattly 2.2tc engine and box ? :D
Very sad day today, my 2.2TC convertible was collected and scrapped !, having had the car over 13years ( longer than I've had my wife ! ) it was a touching moment !

The upside is that I have the new car coming on saturday, and will be getting stuck in as soon as possible. Still unsure of what to do with it, but looks like it will get rover T16 2ltr (possibly turbo) engine, in-car pc and some of those lovely looking Jeep alloys (if I can find the right ones ! ).

Just deciding whether the roof is coming off again.....

Richard :D
In case you all wanted to see it before it went, here are 3 shots of the old girl, just before being taken away. You should be able to make out the extensive repairs done at the drivers side front, plus the repairs required to d post etc...

On top of this there was a large hole under the steering box which had let water into the pedal box area, this had caused a 8 inch hole underneath near the suspension tie-bar mounting point, plus a large hole had rotted through into the footwell at the side of the pedal box. Basically every panel had some rot to be repaired.

You can also see the large 18guage steel plate that wall seem-welded into the rear door opening for additional strength, which was required not only due to the roof removal but also as the seat belt was mounted to this area (note the bolts).

You can clearly now see the 216 vitesse front seats, one of the headrests I had re-covered with a grey fake leather, the intention was to re-cover all the seats the same.

All the conversion modifications were done about 13-14 years ago, and the front door openings had not moved noticeably over this period, impressive considering the floor sections have been repaired several times in that period.

Surely nothing a couple of weekends work wouldn't have cured.... ;)
Come to think of it, the headrests I saw had the supports coming out of the sides then right-angles down into the seat-tops.
I like the pot plant in the passenger seat, did you put sunglasses on it and pretend it was a gorgeous lady friend when driving around town!

Sounds like the rot was pretty terminal I think once it gets deep into the bulkhead area like that it can get very difficult to repair.

How about a graber style coupe conversion on the new car? I personally don't think the lines of the P6 suit a convertible very well (no offence intended) but the coupe with lengthened doors looks absolutley gorgeous.

HI there webmaster,
Go for it I would love to see a t16 P6, also, if you are looking for Grand Cherokee alloys, there is a set of 17" jobbies on eBay today with a buy it now price of £60 (If you include the postage of £20 that is still only £20 per wheel, bargain!), I would get them as a test set, but Her indoors has banned me from buying more car parts that I dont actually need. I havn't tested the 17" ones but I am sure they would fit, if they dont, flog 'em for £150 to an SD1 owner! they are bound to fit one of those!
They are listed as standard cherokee as opposed to grand cherokee, thought you said they wouldn't fit ? Anyway there are some 16" grand cherokee ones on as well, just down the road from me so no delivery, current price £41, so I might get lucky with those (same as the ones you used). Fingers Crossed !!

The only reason I bought a P6 all those years ago was because it had the right line to make a convertible, we just wanted to build a fun summer car and the P6 was going to be the easiest to convert due to the lack of body mods neaded.

I have also thought about doing a coupe, also a pillarless coupe, all the options will involve stretching the front doors. Moving the pillar is easy, its making the doors right thats going to be tricky.....


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Hi Webmaster,
I didn't notice, Yes it does say Cherokee, but because I am a bit sad I know that they are for a grand (The multispokes that look like that for the Cherokee have a much smaller centre cap - see I told you I was sad!) They have been listed 6 or 7 times, they started at £160, when they were at £90 I offered £80 including P&P but didn't hear back, now I could get them for that I dont really want them!
Ah well, the set I was after went over £130, well past my price range....

Anyway a few interesting pictures, if your interested !

The colour coded stereo, TC badge and the electric window switches on the old (sob sob) convertible.

As it was before transfer to new house, and discovery of terminal rot....

The old front window frames showing electric winders from 216vit

Finally a couple of shots of the new baby, as it arrived and after removal of cover sill and front wing.... no rot hmmmmm lovely !

Still unsure of what to do with the new one.... Just can't bring myself to do a standard restoration....

Richard :D
I have always wondered what a p6 pick up would look like :D but that looks in to good a condition to hack about to much,
Maybe drop a 2ltr Vit lump in (with turbo), or what about a 2 door coupe?
Not sure how to show the quick pic I knocked up with paint of a p6 coupe (apologise to the person whose car I used) I am sure someone could do better, and if those that know how to post a pic could let me know it would be appreciated :D
here is the link :D
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