Webasto and head lining

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Long shot I know, but after 24 long years my 2000 TC is now road legal all that needs doing now is my fully restored Webasto sun roof needs to be installed along with the headlining. I'm currently on chemotherapy which has complacated the problem as you can imagine. So I'm looking for someone that could install it sooner rather than later. I'm in Hertfordshire Essex area. Any suggestions gratefully received all the parts are there and the roof is complete.


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Years ago I contacted a chap who specialises in sunroofs for a similar request, in Sandwich Kent, Peter Harvey sunroofs. Very knowledgeable and helpful chap . I've googled his details and have included below, assuming that they are still valid...

Peter Harvey Sunroofs
1 Stonar Gardens
CT13 9LJ
Contact: Peter Harvey 01304 614412peterharveysunroofs@tiscali.co.uk

Hope this helps.
His mobile number is ‭07956 292376‬
Hi thanks for the reply I think it was him that restored the actual roof itself and think he retired from south London and now just sales spares. But will look into it thanks