My P6 2200 AUTO fan blades had much too much play on them, so water pump problem. I had had the pump re-con back in 2011 and found the paperwork which had the words 'lifetime guarantee' , so tongue in the cheek made contact again and was told that this was true and just send it back, which I did and lo and behold a week later it came back together with a new gasket! I had enclosed the return postage although this hadn't been requested. So am recommending E.P.Services, Unit 1 Central Trading Estate, Cable St. Wolverhampton WV2 2RJ


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I'm sure that's the firm I've used before. A mate of mine has a 1952 Ford F1 van with an oddball engine that was only fitted to very few vehicles for just one year and that had a leaking waterpump that wasn't available anywhere, and they overhauled it and got it back to him within a week. It's nice to know now that they stand by their guarantee.
I used them also. I remember it because when During the initial contact I asked how to pay, he told me not to worry and said we’ll sort it out when the pump had been fixed and arrived back.

clive P62

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I've also used them to repair the A/C viscous pump on the V8 , they had to cut off the threaded spindle to repair it as that part could not be pulled off.
They turned up a new spindle and pressed it back on once repaired.
Again a lifetime guaranty and a great price.