Wanted – a front brake pad wear sensor wire! I've lost one, somehow.


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I've lost a sensor wire from the nearside front brake. I quip about bits falling off my car, but now it has actually happened!
Has anybody got a sensor wire from an old used up front pad that I could glue into a (nearly) new pad? Long shot, I guess, but I thought I'd ask.


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Only a week ago I tossed a box of old pads in the bin that had been on the bench for years. There was a plug and wire in it ……..
…….. the good news for you is, they are still in the bin
There is one available for shipping cost.


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Marvellous! Drop me a private message with instructions as to how to channel funds to you, and I'll send you some beer tokens and give you my address. Do you have a paypal account?