Vinyl Rear Quarter Panels on Series 1

Depends on your level of nicompoopery.

The rear seat and interior "D" post trim need to be removed to access 2 of the retaining screws, plus the 3 in the door shut.

Do-able with two different sizes of philips screwdrivers
I’m pretty sure they are Pozidriv not Philips
Thank you John, managed to get the quarter panels installed today, wasn't pretty, first was harder than the second. Wedged in very tight behind rear window trim, one is higher than the other but acceptable. Only saw phillips screws. Will post a photo or two to celebrate my major achievement. On to the speedo!
Learn something new everyday! Thanks Vern. Appreciate you pointing those out John. A good idea to reseal quattro, thanks as well. Had a heck of a time lining up the three front screws due to the tiny holes poked through the leather cover, couldn't be bothered to enlarge them. Don't think I got it screwed in too well, three screws on front face of the D post into the windscreen side of the quarter panel also missed, luckily wedged in but may well leak.
Are you sure the new wouldn't fit an early car? I looked it up and the later numbers replaces the earlier numbers completely in my 1973 parts catalog and I have a 1973 BL price list that has the early numbers handwritten beside the later numbers, which in this particular list seems to indicate an interchange situation. Of course, that's a parts department somewhere BC so it's hard to say if it's accurate or was just a partsman's guess.

By the way, the panel list price was $3.60 CDN in 1967, $9.15 in 1969 and $13.50 in 1973. That's the price of a screw now.



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Hi, The part number difference maybe down to the fact early ones are bare, for painting, and the later ones are vinyl covered.