Various P6 parts

Harvey's point is that the valve was placed there when they designed the 2000, where it fits nicely though access for service doesn't seem to have been considered. Transplanting the V8 into the engine bay just made it worse. The fuel lines run on the side they do because the exhaust runs down the other side of the transmission tunnel. Air Con cars have an electric pump and the valve both located above the drive shaft under the tank. Much better access but the long operating cable can jam up over time. I've converted mine to electric using a door lock actuator and a bellcrank.



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Har Har, but I have a 3500, or it was the last time I looked. Anyway the valve is in a stupid place Now got the sender unit in bits, another wonder design, control box full of petrol?
I have now also got the float almost full of fuel, did the old trick, put in hot water, no result so far.
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Yeah, but the car wasn't designed for an American engine.. so works fine on the British ones - 4 cylinder, 5 cylinder, 6 cylinder and n/a on the gas turbine :D
I appreciate what you are saying about non 3500's but surely, to go to all the bother of shoehorning a V8 where a straight 4/6 used to be, a little thought might have been given to other auxiliaries, ie. reserve valve access.
Before I get shot down in flames, this is only my observation

Recap on my fuel sender unit, found leak in float, caused by the holding wire, melted over with a hot iron, drilled a hole at the other end, this removed all the fuel, plugged afterwards, all OK. Opened unit, got the arm to release from 26 years of non use, cleaned and checked with a meter, seems OK.
Reserve filter, non existent. Now you are not going to believe this, I had an exact filter in my, may come in handy draw, from my maintenance days, (did a bit of pneumatics)
Renewed connecting wire.
Have taken a chance in replacing it in tank. Reinstalled tank, trying to connect to the filler tube **********easy?
Now done away with the reserve system.
So having poured a couple of gallons of fuel in the tank, today will check for any leaks
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