V8 power steering conversion


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My first time on the forum. I'm trying to convert using an Astra electric pump. Has anyone ever done this and if so how did it work out? Any tips would be much appreciated as I'm only just starting the project. I have new O/S steering box and idler and am looking where to fit the pump; nearside next to the radiator seems to be the only spot with enough room.
I've looked into this at some length and came to the same conclusion as you; though it is possible to replace the tank with the pump assembly, but you then need to find somewhere for the tank...I have the astra pump and a nice oil cooler, just need the time...

it's a good idea to leave the box itself alone unless it's stuffed as it will create a significant amount of extra work for zero gain. Also the return line from the box needs a cooler though not a terribly big one. Standard setup has the rubber return hose run around three sides of the engine bay. I'm looking at a Range Rover P38 cross radiator cooler. All mounts for both pump and pipes need rubber insulating to keep noise out of the car frame.
Any progress? i have a full PAS set-up but would prefer to go electric for simplicity's sake. Presumably the pump can be fitted where the PAS reservoir would otherwise go?