URGENT - Workshop Manual diagram for front door lock mechanism

Hello all,

I have my P6 at work for the first time, and the front passenger door won't open from either outside or inside. Something has happened to the lock mechanism - maybe affected by the hot weather? The interior lock button doesn't "snap" into place like it should, likewise when using the key.

I can get reasonable access to the mechanism from above with the window down, but would need to see the workshop manual diagram to help know what to poke at to get the door open.

If anyone has their workshop manual to hand, would you mind sending me a photo or scan of it? I need the door to be working this evening and won't be home in the meantime :-(

Really struggling! Comparing with the driver's side, the latch can only needs to rotate a few degrees for the door to pop open. On the passenger side, the cam rotates right against the stop but doesn't open. Can't see any way of taking the door trim panel off so I'm poking from above with the window down. Has anybody had this before?

EDIT: Just got it open - gave the door a good smack and yanked the handle, all appears to be well. In fairness I had doused the mechanism in WD40 repeatedly which cleaned it up well. I think the problem was a rusty, out of adjustment mechanism which seized when left in the hot sun. Much adjustment and proper lubrication to follow for all 4 doors asap...
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