Uprated anti roll bar

not worried unduly about potholes or ruts and tyres have plenty of height for absorbing changes such as kerbs! ( under 4") just thought but looking at rear leaf springs for trucks and some cars I note they have extra 'leaf(s) ' clamped to ones bolted at each end to increase firmness after initial spring( leaf) has run out of deflection. So what if? another ARB was bolted alongside existing? using suitable 'U' bolts of course at several points .thus to my mind adding anti twist properties ? eg uprating ARB effects. just an off the wall idea and no doubt some engineer will point out deficiencies or whatever.


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He hasn't been on since Jan 17, I wonder what happened? I might ask him :hmm:
Oh yes do pls.
Everyone enjoys a good project read. It would be good to have some of the Facebook Herberts posting here. Obviously strict vetting on your part, no riff raff :D


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I could not remember where I saw those pics - thanks.

I think NZ road racer Mal Clark uses one too.

Mal manufactures the 24mm ARB's.

This particular car has been sold on by the articles author, twice I think and is tooling around NZ roads still I suppose.