Tyre size change

Hi all i have a 2000 P6 with standard 165-80-14 tyres. I have read somewhere on here putting on 185-70-14 is a good move for looks and handling, the slightly wider tyre compensates the 80 to 70 difference. Have any of you done it? I have no power steering and wondered how heavier if any it makes it feel. Looking to change either all 4 to 185 or just replace my 2 worn 165s. Many thanks
It's a yes from me too. The only downside is that they can look a little bulgey on standard wheel rims, though not enough to be an issue.
My tyre of choice for the last few years has been Michelin Energy Saver which seem a good compromise on road holding and not wearing out too quickly.


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Wouldn't fitting V8 rims also require fitment of cranked V8 rear suspension stays?
I fitted 175/70/14 winter tyres to my steelies because they don't make winter tires in the original 185/90HR14.
They look a little bit undersized but roll fine.
My tuppence worth, not really relevant. Go for it!