Two V8's Aberdeenshire

In addition to numerous cars of the sixties and seventies languishing in this garage yard I spotted these two orphans.

KPD 511P Silver still on road but seems to get hardly any use. I thought initially was VIP model, but is a 3500s.

TVB 488M Red MOT ran out, and untaxed since Sept 2009.

Hi Lovel,
I have just spotted this 3500s on this forum, do you know if it is still about? KPD 511P is my old car. I owned it 20 years from1987 and sadly had to part with her in 2007 in the North Wales region. She used to be Cameron Racing Green, Beige leather, had a 5 speed SD1 gearbox. In 1987 I was 18 and I dragged her out of a field and restored her in parents back garden, dad was a mechanic. Best car ever - would be nice to know if she is still on the road. Not sure why Silver but in fairness that looks nice. Regards Steve


Its still lying outside a commercial garage in Fyvie, Aberdeenshire , i just saw it just last week. The garage owner has probably about 20 or 30 other 70’s classics that never move. They never sell any of them or would consider breaking as far as i can tell, and tbh are not very helpful. Probably due to getting so many enquiries.