traded in my Virago for a scooter!!


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I have always been a true motorcycle man, just look at that Virago! I bought it in 2006 when it was 3 years old but sadly,:rolleyes: although it still looks amazing, underneath it all there is so much that needs correcting - major stuff - I am now on a scooter instead, I amazingly found a new forum for the scooter I bought and see if you can spot my posts on there

anyway, anybody else got a Scooter? I never thought the day would come :Dbut there you go



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Good one, what did you get?

Yes, if you class this as a scooter; its a cyclemotor or moped.
I have motorcycles too, but there is something so enjoyable about the daftness of traveling at wide open throttle, if you notice there is no throttle. It carb is either wide open or idle when you pull the brakes on.
Thank goodness the Rover's not like that, we'd go through a set brake pads on every journey..... if they didn't overheat so quick.


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Gargo , two for the price of one, your moped and your V8, same as me now, :DScooter and a V8

here's picture of a Honda Forza (not mine) same as what I got instead of the Virago


unstable load

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I have a '77 Moto Guzzi LeMans and a 2003 Aprilia Tuono.
Sadly, my hands go dead within minutes of getting on either, so they just get looked at, now....:(
Lovely stuff!
Mine is black with gold striping. I have the sport kit with pipes built by an old timer who was one of the "Gurus" of the day. They have taken a hammering over the years and I am slowly making up the tooling to make replicas as mine had their internal gubbins ripped out somewhere in their lives and are now just open pipes.
It really sounds AWESOME, though!!