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Hello Jason
I have a used but good, solid, rust-free tow bar I don't need. It is the v-shaped type that fits inside the rear bumper. It does not require the overriders to be moved outwards on the bumper, unlike some tow bars. Thing is, I don't have the extra strengthening bar that goes under the boot floor, though that missing piece looks as if it would be straightforward to fabricate. I towed a trailer for thousands of trouble free miles without the extra reinforcing bar, before I discovered that should be part of the complete kit!
I would like one hundred smackeroonies for the tow bar. I'm in East Finchley, North London. I don't know exactly what the bar weighs, but it is fairly substantial! Drop me a Private Message if you are interested. I can take some photos if you would like, and let me have an email address to send them to. It includes a tow hook/ball and the mounting nuts'n'bolts.