Tour of my 1970 NADA Spec Rover P6 3500s and a drive after.


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I think that’s the first video I’ve seen of a P6 driving around with ZF box fitted. Nice bit of period correct Aerosmith too :cool:
Under the covers are a TR8, a Stag, TR7, Herald, with my 1965 Chevy pick up on the end.
The ZF trans is great. It makes it such a nice highway cruiser. The old BW was a mess so it is such a great improvement over that as well.

Edward Hamer
Petaluma CA
I have quite a few videos of fitting the ZF to my P6.

My YouTube channel

EJH British Cars

Has a Playlist for the Rover Trans upgrade.

Edward Hamer
Petaluma CA


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I have a hybrid ZF 22/24 box built ready to fit in my project, with the stronger internal bits from the 24. Will see how well it responds to the B&M ratchet shifter I have for it too..
I used to have a race-prepped Holden 253 with a fully manualised Trimatic and a B&M ratchet. By far the most fun way to shift gears!