They say sex sells...


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Does not a lot for me but then I have never been interested in the racing scene, though I did work as pit crew for a season or two in stock car racing.


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Knowing the effort cobraboy has put into the car I can’t help but be impressed. Both with the technical front of the modifications to the engine drive train and suspension, and the art of creating pretty close replicas of the flared arches used on the Aussie racers. I’d love to say I had the dedication to build this, let alone the knowledge.

There’s plenty of cars around so I think having this sort of happen is a great thing and shows the cars are still allowed to evolve.


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Well thanks for the comments guy's. It was a shock when I opened the mag envelope.
It still surprises me that quite a few Rover owners know nothing of the two works cars that were built in the 1970's and don't tie in that mine is a homage to those cars.
I always liked the P6 when I was a lad but they were driven by bank managers, doctors, dentists and the like, my father had a series of Austin 1100 / 1300 cars and the Rover always seemed otherworldly.
I picked a car magazine of the shelf in 1984 because what I saw on the front cover blew me away, it was JXC 808D. Thirty two years later I was able to build something that looks similar but can be used on the street.
Its not everyone's cup of tea, but it is so much fun, mostly it makes people smile, and that is what life is all about.



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Well I did drag my heels fairly.
I just realised my car was laid up in 1984 as the gov tax website told me when I bought it. I bought the magazine at that time also...... so the car waited patiently all those years for me to find it. That is spooky !