The View From The Windscreen

Phil Robson

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A very nice photo opportunity, Dave. A bit nicer than this:

A mucky Hazel at Colton near York, giving son Tom a trip to the area for some railway pictures... OK , so I took some as well :roll:

With apologies to non-rail enthusiasts, this is what we went to see - a real classic locomotive (there's even one in Practical Classics this month!):

(I travelled behind this particular one almost 33 years ago :shock: on the same route..)

Here's one of Hazel in December when she was a bit cleaner:


420 mile drive on Sunday, from Anglesey up to Edinburgh via Derbyshire.
Some Roman bloke had left this rock in the way:

They've got me surrounded!

Returned yesterday the direct route, so only 310 miles. Amazingly, only 2 junctions as my hotel was alongside the A702 which took me direct to the A74(M). That then becomes the M6. Turn off onto the M56 which becomes the A55 straight to Anglesey. (OK a couple more turnings to get home, but they don't count).
My 2000TC might be a little cosmetically challenged but it never missed a beat.

Just a wee bit of snow there. Fair bit more on the A74(M) yesterday, but it cleared up after 20miles and was fine for the rest of the trip.

Thumbs up from a motorcyclist on the M6, which was nice.


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ghce said:
Keyboard error there I think! if it's minus 13 there it would be -40 here :mrgreen:

Thats not a minus I put in there - just a hyphen . You would be right though . We don't get minus 13 deg c in Auckland , we just like to moan if its raining , if its warm , if its cold , if its hot !!!!!


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Resting before the op

The only view mine will be seeing for a while as it awaits some vital organ transplants :cry: . In dire need of 2 engine mounts which will be ordered shortly.




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Dave3066 said:
Is that a twin jet screen wash nozzle Demetris? If so have you fitted a more powerful pump to the system?

Hi Dave, yes they are twin jet nozzles and are set to "crossfire". However, they tend to block from times to times.
I have already fitted a new pump under the washer bottle cap (to be unvisible) because the original pump suffered from a worn impeler. Perhaps the original pump with a new impeler could cope, as the jet size is rather small, hence the blocking problem.


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Nice roads and scenery Demetris :)

You appeared to be moving at quite a clip along the expressway. What speed might you have been doing?

I noticed the dual jet washers too, not seen those before that I can recall.



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Hi Ron.
Indeed the mountain road is one of my favourites. It has the right mix of hairpins, tight bends, fast bends, short straights that you can reach up to 100 - 120 Km/h and overtake slower traffic if necessary, uphills, downhills, bridges, the lot, while normally there is not much traffic. I am lucky enough to drive through at least once a week, all year around, and admire at the greatly different scenery each season. Especialy during springtime and summer, i prefer to have the windows rolled down to sence the scents of the mountain, herbs and flowers, wet soil and leaves at the start of a rainfall. :D
The scenery on the motorway part is boring by comparison, and i either press on a little or relax (it's a Rover... :) ) and listen to the music. I don't really remember the speed during the video, but i don't think that i was going faster than 140 - 150 Km/h. The limit after all is 130 km/h and i avoid to exaggerate. Perhaps the excessive wind noise in the video makes it feel faster, but this was probably due to the camera almost touching the windscreen. In reality it was much more quiet.
I thought that the twin jet washers were common enough, i just tried them when i changed from the originals that were looking really sorry after quite a few dirty cheap paint jobs of the previous owners.