The Transporting parts from A-B?? Helpline!!


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Hi all.
Thought this would be a good addition to the forum! :)

Can you help others out with transporting parts from A-B??
Do you need help with getting parts from A-B??

I will kick it off with an ask for help!

Anyone near or passing Doncaster able to transport an LPG kit for my V8 to Bristol or close?
Will also be at the Malvern classic car show on 24 April if thats any good??


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I dont travel with work much but I'll help out if something needs storing for a few days or needs transporting round leicestershire! (unless i am going somewhere !)

Would this be worth a section on the forum? It must be a common thing to want to do?

Anyone travelling between Durham and Dumfries and Galloway? I'm in the process of buying an interior from Brian, of this parish, and I was wondering if anyone on here would be travelling this route at any point, as I work at weekends, and getting down to collect it could take a wee while. Anyone?


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A fully fitted up rear door as taken off a car weighs 23kilo's.
A nos drivers door I have with no fittings,just the bare shell, weighs 12kilo's,,,so a rear would be about 10k as its a tad smaller.
Hope that helps.