The Infamous Series 2 Fusebox

You have performed an excellent job in bringing the fuse box into the 21st century. How long did this take you. Cost and where did you find a fuse box suitable?
It was about 8 hours work. Did most of the cutting and prepwork on the bench. Essential to label all wires. The fusebox was from Vehicle Wiring products, FBB16U, as well as 2m of the red and blue wire 2mm2, (£24), brass tubing from a hobby/modelling shop on ebay, 8mm heat shrink sleeving and a heavy duty crimping tool on ebay for £25.
The most difficult part was getting the wires into the brass tubing and the crimping tool. If the linking wires were longer than I listed in the cutting schedule on the drawing, say 150 to 190mm, it would make the job a bit easier, but then there would be more wire to clip into place.
Certainly well worth the time spent and making the car safer from potential fire problems. That's a good shout regarding the brass tubing as I was thinking on how to replicate the joining of wires as I have a problem and need to sort this out and was wondering what would be the best way to join wires together as I am not keen on using bullet connectors behind the dashboard.
Thank you for the udate.


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Just looking at that photo I am wondering how much the clips are helping in that location. The force exerted in that position so low down must be minimal.
I would look at installing all the fuses and then put the clips above the fuse to pull the sides tight around the fuse.

I am forgetting that the two terminals are maybe not joined at the bottom ? I cannot recall now.
It would be interesting to measure the gap on the one 3rd in from the right at the fuse location, with a caliper, and then measure a fuse to see what the relationship is. The gap looks very wide and the grip maybe minimal ?
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