The Infamous Series 2 Fusebox


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Hi Stan,doing the blade conversion today..can you tell me,were your fuse value conversions satisfactory?
Cheers,Pete (see you on facebook,lol)
Good for you, won't regret it.

Yes, no problem....not had to up any of the ratings, and not had any blow so far. There....I've said it now, haven't I? ;)

I look forward (NOT!) to getting into this area soon with a 3500S. Just to put things in perspective, below are pics of front and rear of a Porsche 928 fuse board, early model with bullet fuses. I am in the final stages of converting mine to Blade fuses with some soldering involved....on 34 fuse holders.
First impetus was a failed pump relay, and a visible spark at the fuse holder. At least all the incoming and outgoing leads are connected by plugs!