The Beatles top 100


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NME have just done a top 100 of Beatles songs what with Peter Jackson's new film of The Beatles coming out , actually its OUT now on ye Disney channel,o_O I havent got that so I dont know hmmm, would love to see that

anyway in the meantime there is the TOP 100 chart and what I love about it is the notes that NME do on each one eg

no24 ‘Help!’ (‘Help!’, 1965)

John sang it through a smile that was more like a wince – he really was crying for help from the eye of the Beatlemania tornado – but the title track from The Fabs’ second film rattled by with such jubilance that nobody noticed. Also helped instil the belief that John and Paul were so close they could finish each other’s sentences.
hehe that was my very first single bought for me in 1965 by my dear Auntie Phyllis :LOL: bless her

here's another one

no21 ‘Penny Lane’ (single, 1967)

Describing the scenes that the young John, Paul and George would witness while waiting for buses en route to each other’s houses ‘Penny Lane’, married to its double A-side ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, injected a childlike magic into the psychedelic era.
crikey that should be at NO 1 as far as I am concerned, love that one so much!! :thumb: any surprises/ favourites of yours in there?