thank you...

Just a quick note to thank the members of this forum who have generously given of their time and advice to help me get my car back on the road. Yesterday, with trepidation, I reversed my old car off the drive and on to the actual public highway, and took it for a spin. It worked! I even got up to a nerve-wracking 50mph at one point. Ok, it has issues still; flickering brake light, spongy brakes, a PAS system that sounds like a dying man, and it doesn't seem to want to warm up, but after eight years of being a useless lump of scrap in my garage it's now a vehicle again. There have been times when this did not seem remotely possible, and it would have remained impossible if it were not for the help received here.

Thank you again

A quick pic. It will never win any prizes at a show but it's been my car for well over 20 years, and I'm just so pleased to have it back on the road, despite its issues. I've kept the 2200SC badges in memory of my first P6, a 2200SC automatic which was my daily driver for many years, when it was just an old car and a rather odd (even slightly worrying) choice for a young man who was doing alright for himself.


It looks good from a distance!

I solved the flickering brake warning light problem today with a new cork float in the reservoir. Quite a nice Medoc, actually...

Handbrake not up to much, and I’m still trying to find where the trapped air is in the brake system. I’ve bled the brakes to the point where there is nothing but sweet new fluid coming out of all three nipples, but there is still air in there somewhere.


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Hi, Try clamping two of the three flexibles off and bleed the third, starting with the rear as is pushes more fluid through and is better at taking the air with it.



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If the handbrake is not up to much that may be your problem and not air.
If the rear pads need a lot of pushing out then that will give a long pedal.

I am not going to go through handbrake adjustment, because Harvey can describe it in much better detail, suffice to say that a P6 handbrake properly working is very efficient.


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Just goes to show that parking brake is not far behind hydraulic rear brake, good read out that .

For years us Lotus owners have had the 'brush' the brake pedal when having the parking brake tested in order to get a decent reading, wide footwear I guess :oops: :oops: