Taking responsibility, both as a club and as a supplier

As per above; should clubs bar suppliers who consistently receive complaints from those they supply?

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I've asked Joseph to comment. He's declined and says he is not doing parts anymore.
I bought a few items off Joseph last year, and although he was VERY late on delivery the items did arrive.
But he is fibbing when he says he is not selling parts. He has several items for sale on the federal rover Facebook group even as I type. He is young, and been though a lot having lost his dad so I would give him some slack, but he does need to learn the deliver on his promises. Having said all that, I'm not the one that's been had for £100.......


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Our conversation was this:

Can you take a look please.
Im posting the last 2 items ive sold and packing up and scrapping everything, its not for me, i dont have the time and i need to get on with my life otherwise so im going to call it a day, probably leave all of the pages etc aswell anyway
cheers mate
If you're sure. I like to give the supplier a right to reply
Yep, cheers

I can't say i think it sounds healthy, and I do worry for him, but I have too much in my own life to worry about to get drawn in.


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Thats a shame to hear Joseph wants to chuck the towel in. I think he is a bright young lad and will go places.
When I look back over my 68 years , Ive madesome terrible bloopers. All fixable with a little tail betwixt the leg stuff.

Ive lost a bit of bark along the way , but hey, isnt that what life is all about
If Joseph is reading this - keep at it sport - the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Your dad was a lovely man as Im sure you are.