Swap or sale: Rostyle rims for P6 (14x5.5”)


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Here’s a long shot, with apologies if I sound like a dreamer:
Here in Norway(!) I have a set of four correct but blemished P6 14x5.5J Rostyle rims with no caps or lug nuts. I’m hankering for:
Cragar Eliminators
Minilites (newer, wider 15” ones)
Cobraslots or Wolfrace slot mags

Cash difference your way to be discussed. So if you’re coming off your modern rims and want to revert to period Rostyles, maybe we could talk? We’d have to arrange shipping obviously, but I have a pallet sitting in Esher with a gearbox on it so it needn’t be too complicated if from the U.K. end.

By and large the chrome is bright with sporadic pitting, a couple of kerb scratches on the lips and one or two going a bit into the dish. There’s some greenish oxidisation layer that will polish right off. Black fillets need redoing. Chap I got them from in Oslo said he’d had them checked and a couple of them straightened to run true. I recall spinning them up at a tyre shop and that his story checked out, and can do this again if need be as it’s a few years ago. See pics for an idea. Exhaustive photos or video can be arranged. They were intended for my V8 in South Africa but plans have changed. 8A9094C3-5E90-43D4-B0E5-F18DF560F8A4.jpeg C58DBD6C-E3E9-4FF7-B689-DA73D991E909.jpeg B0EF007D-2ABE-47B6-B10F-8D3CFE2A178B.jpeg 6B6BA936-F9E6-4CE7-B635-D50D7DD1E05A.jpeg 5D9BCC16-388F-4389-9B60-9D74508CECF8.jpeg 44DE9B91-277A-4BA2-AC14-FC47CEEE80A6.jpeg 00F8666C-1C0E-4085-88E3-0E2C6CC71D09.jpeg 296219B4-0B12-4361-BB62-E0FDE5F9C6E0.jpeg


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I’m chatting with another forum member about a possible swap arrangement. Were you Keen to buy or trade?