Supporting car on Block paving


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We have not long lived in our current house and until now I haven’t really done much in the garage. However my 3500s project has just come back from paint and there is plenty of mechanical work to do. The last owner was a builder and he built the house. Outside is a block paved drive way and he continued this into the integral garage. Although this is fine for parking cars I am a little wary of jacking and supporting the car on it. Do you think it will be ok? Do you think I need some steel spreader plates? What about using a trolley jack? The jack needs to move freely on its wheels. Any thoughts. Should I concrete it?


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I've jacked up on and then supported with axle stands on a sheet of marine ply about 3/4" thick in the past and never had any problems and that was on an unmade surface.


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I wouldn't be using steel plates, Pat, as steel on steel can slide. If you want to spread the load, use wood.
I usually put axle stands on 1" thick wood, and a short length of 1.1/2" - 2" square section between the underbody and the top of the stand.

Re the trolley jack, providing you're not using one with tiny wheels, line the wheels up and it'll move fine as you lift.
DISCLAIMER: this assumes the blocks have been laid level! ;)
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I don't think you will have much success using a trolley jack on block pavior's. The jack wont run over the joints with weight on it, will likely crack individual blocks, or will tip blocks.
I am surprised anyone got an internal garage floor with pavior's passed through building control, just from the point of leaking flammable liquid hazard for a start.


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Maybe it depends on the wheel diameter......

A titchy Halfords special might certainly struggle, but a beefy 3-tonner from a reputable company works just fine. Maybe that's why I have no problems at all on 60mm blocks.
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