Stowing the P6 Jack correctly?

Hi All, about to finish an 18 month engine rebuild and engine bay refresh.
Was putting the boot back together last week and could not work out if there is a correct way to stow the jack.

Is it handle in or handle out, Base to the rear or base to the front.

Last thing I want to do is dent the quarter from the inside.


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Dont think you will ding the panel if you get it wrong.
The boot side has a large pad glued to the panel and the whole bundle including the tool kit is held fast with a large rubber O-ring.
Its a bastard for a guy with large hands to get that O-ring over the lower clasp.

In Aust it use to be common to store extra spare parts and tools inside the rear quarters when travelling in remote areas. If they weren't secured properly they would bounce around and dent the panel from the inside.

Did not try and stow it as a bundle with the tools. that will hold it more securely.

Thanks again
You shouldn't be able to easily dent the outer panel from inside a P6 boot. There is the inner panel on the base unit to dent first and that would then have to dent the bolt-on outer panel which is spaced off it slightly. The P6 is probably one of the most damage-proof cars available from this sort of damage thanks to this double skinning.
Very good point. I did not stop to think about that. Still.... don't want the jack bouncing around if I can stow it correctly.
No idea of the proper method (I can't recall ever seeing a factory picture of the stowage arrangement) the jack seems to fit best with the foot to the rear and the winder facing the quarter panel, lying diagonally with the head of the jack up on the wheel well.

Funnily enough, I just saw one of those cutaway illustrations of an early (1964) P6, and it shows the jack stowed with the winder facing the quarter panel but the foot of the jack pointing forward and on the wheel well.

just been reworking boot for stowing. spare wheel flat on floor and not upright at side. refitting jack had the large rubber 'O' ring fail .. ( wonder who sells those these days?) after several permutations found for my own ideal , jack stowed base foot to rear of car and handle lifted up over. inner wheel arch section facing inwards! . leaving wheel nut spanner adrift ..wonder what small rubber. ring does ? anybody have an. pic of correct stowage ? sure we would all appreciate.