Static Seat Belt Fetish


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My uncle Ern had a farm just off Watling street, I used to visit at the weekends when I was in short trousers. This used to also mean the partaking of a
raspberry ripple ice cream from my aunty Caroline's Shell garage at Hockcliffe.

PS I used to stand on the rubber tube that ran across the forecourt and rang the bell, ice ream bribery cured it, I was a very naughty boy.
Many's the time l've taken the night time A5 as an alternative to the tedious M1 & use the M6 section a lot too as FedEx & UPS have depots on the Tamworth stretch. I much prefer to use the old roads when l can. You can often drive on the limiter at night though it is quite well used by the lorries. We stayed in a very nice B+B right on the road in Towcester for a night on the start of a holiday tour, the owners weren't fans of the trucks & after a night in the front of the house l could see why. :LOL:
They were looking forward to the bypass & promised 7.5 ton weight limit through the town but that was five years ago & it hasn't happened yet.

There are a couple of interesting looking houses going through Hockcliffe but l've only ever passed through.
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This has turned into my general auto-aquisition thread so here is the latest 'bay oddity(?), well l haven't seen one before anyway:


The yellow seems to be illuminated in all three functions. The Pass/dipped & Drive/full elements operate as expected but the Yellow/fog contact switches them off & cuts out most of the white light so the yellow is prominent.
I'm assuming there are three contacts so there must be three elements, one higher in the yellow shade to operate the fog function:


It's a 5 3/4" unit so l will fit it to Bruiser 2 eventually with an extra switch & a relay or two to control it. I suppose it may fall foul of some rule or another (three dipped lights or fit a fourth too/one yellow?) but it's not an imminent question until maybe next year. It is of course, sealed beam which throws up the probability of element failure at some point. I've had a quick search but haven't seen any others like this, just those with yellow lenses. Still, it's a good thing, maybe French or French market perhaps, as 'Foreign' usually denoted Japanese manufacture in the post-war years & l'm happy to have picked it up. I did check it was fully functional before l bought it for thirteen of your finest (as Henry would say) & fortunately it survived the journey to me.

I suspect someone here must have seen them before.

And liking a bit of automobilia, l bought another oil dispenser too:

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Couldn't resist a pair of export indicators for my P5B with good units too:

20220113_172848.jpg 20220113_172925.jpg

And l had this can on my watch list for some months though it was rather too much money. Even after a price drop it wasn't cheap so it languished there tempting me until my lovely wife splashed out for Christmas & l found it under the tree. It's a survivor but has really been through the wars, l haven't seen another & it will clean up to a certain extent. The Rover logo is embossed & it's a quality can though most would have been disposed of without a thought of course:

20220113_173154.jpg 20220113_173140.jpg 20220113_173129.jpg 20220113_175038_1.jpg
Yes, it did occur to me, l mentioned it in the post. It's a nice thing & l'm looking forward to wiring it in, l have to work out a relay/switch configuration which should be interesting.
Also putting the early rear light lenses in as extra brake/fog lights. Original reversing light too unless Harvey has forgotten l'm having it again & has sold it. :LOL: