starting issue

impossible to start my P5 3500 V8 automatic

Postby sherekhan on Thu Nov 21, 2013 2:24 pm (error - I psoted on P6 forum)

My 1968 P5 drove without problems out and into my garage, after several years parking. Suddenly, after having changed several times from low to reverse, I stopped on "P". When I tried to start again I heard the relay but could not start, neither on "P" than on " N".
I mean the issue is in the switch which prevents form starting on other positions as "P" or " N".
The car has been entyrely painted but I did not yet raised the bumpers, so it is difficult to push or pull it without damage.

Thanks to the kind member who could advise a Savoie Froggy lost in 25cm snow ! :LOL: