Starter motor M45G with solenoid of 3M100?

Hi all,

fixing the earth of the solenoid (see other "car doesn't start" topic) wasn't a lasting solution: my car stopped starting again.
I measured (bought a mmeter!) continuity between S and M that shouldn't be there (thanks so removed my startermotor.

I then saw something strange (or maybe not, that's why i post this): the motor looks like a M45G type (also stamped in the housing), but the solenoid one from a 3M100?
See image:


It worked, the car used to start with this combination, but: is this common?
I'm asking because if i need to replace the startermotor i need to know what to order...

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P6 3500 1971


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Hi Marco,

I doubt you will find a replacement starter motor, at least not a genuine item. You might find one for exchange, but my advise would be to have your one overhauled by an old school auto electrician. The hard part sadly will likely be finding someone that knows how to fault find, and then has the know-how to fix the problem.

Having a mix match between solenoid and starter is not in itself an issue. It may have been assembled that way when, or it may have been overhauled at some point in the past and one part changed.

Hi Ron,

thanks for your reassuring answer with regard to the found mix!

A starter motor for exchange i can only get via UK, i live in Belgium...
There are a few electricians relatively nearby who say they can revise the starter and solenoid, but they looked for a replacement (new) first.
Made me a bit sceptical. I'll look on.

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I'll contact them to check if they would want to repair/rebuild in stead of exchange as well.
I contacted a few firms in BE, but none that i really trust with this, and they charge from 150 euro to unknown...

best regards, marco.
You're welcome.
They may indeed have one on the shelf. I seem to recall he mentioned to me that a few of the more common units were but he rebuilt mine as no overhauled ones were available at that time which was earlier this year.