Spring collection


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I took my opportunity to give the P6 a 360km round trip into the Coromandel Ranges [ google it] Stunning part of NZ.
A spring run so to say . Its been her first long run into the county side since I upgraded the oil pump and replaced the dodgey timing gear last year.
A noticeable steadiness in cooling temps in the climb over the Coromandel ranges - around 600 metres above sea level . Gauge never moved past half way !!!
Before the new timing chain , she got really hot over the same trip . Climbing the ranges the temp. needle used to sit just into the red section of the gauge .Very scientific I know !!
So Im extremely pleased with that outcome .
I parked at the local beach . Mrs M and I went for a walk and a coffee only to came back to see I was in great company .
The local Brits at the beach run . A real assortment of British cars en mass .
I'll post some more pics if you want to see them . Let me know .
I was more excited about the old girl not over heating .The gammut of classics was a bonus.
I didn't take a fuel reading as it would have been interesting to see the difference since I added electronic ignition .
P6 ran beautifuly up and over the Ranges and gave no ground to the moderns that thought they could overtake on the short passing lanes . Ha take that Audi and BMW TC EFi RS go fast bastards. Im in a P6 with workout leotards !!!