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Spitfire museum Manston

Discussion in 'Cars Spotted' started by Richard B, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Richard B

    Richard B Member

    RNX303M..... I was there in Kenny KMF670K
  2. 2549andy

    2549andy Member

    That was me. I work in the museum on a voluntary basis and the P6 is my every day transport. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Next time you visit I can thoroughly recommend having a go on the spitfire simulator.
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  3. Richard B

    Richard B Member

    one of my fave museums.

  4. 2549andy

    2549andy Member

    Any time you see the car there, come and say hello. I'll either be on the simulator or behind the shop counter. You'll have no trouble finding me as we all wear name badges.
  5. Richard B

    Richard B Member

    Will do ....thanks Andy


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