speedo cable from rover v8 3500 with auto 3 speed box


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I've been browsing through your thread on R'n'S and the one I've got won't fit that box, which I would say was a GM180, as it certainly isn't a BW35/65/66 from what I can see, so I can't help you I'm afraid.


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NickDunning said:
I have a NOS one in the wrapper, but need the part number you're after.

If yours is a P6 cable of some description then it's not going to fit his box.

FYI you should be able to tell the differences in the P6 cables just by looking at them, without needing the part numbers .


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mcmental said:
What about eBay item 110858239779
That says it fits SD1 years 1977-87, so assuming that the SD1 Bw65/66 and GM180 boxes used the same cable, and your box is a GM180, then it should fit at the gearbox end, the top end will obviously depend on what speedo head you're using, but don't quote me on that.
well ive still had no luck in finding a cable :x i need m18x1.5 thread at gearbox to fit onto this

and the speedos i have and im not bother which i use are

and a standard aftermarket speedo that has a 11mm thread