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Some basic questions

Discussion in 'Engine 4 cylinder' started by Lewis Stephens, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Lewis Stephens

    Lewis Stephens New Member

    Hi all, I hope these questions aren't too basic but its been a long time between drinks with a p6 4 pot, so I'm a little rusty. Fuel ? I am in Australia and have a low compression TC. The highest octane we have over here is 98. I assume I use that and a lead additive ? Oil. I'm in Melbourne. We get very hot summers and in winter cold mornings. What would forum members recommend as a good all rounder. ? Finally, a workshop manual. I know there a thousands out there on eBay but is there any publication recommended. Especially for dummies ?

    Cheers, Lewis
  2. j_radcliffe

    j_radcliffe Member

    For a good workshop manual, I would try the pit stop bookshop in Perth. I bought the official Rover workshop there. Also look on eBay, there are plenty of manuals on ebay. Sometimes it pays to have a copy of Ball’s manual or the Haynes manual. If something is not clear in one manual, then have a look in one of the others.

    I would recommend running BP ultimate, or Mobil Premium fuel. I own a 2000 automatic in Australia, plus I have a 2000tc in USA. In Australia I run Pentrite 20w-60 conventional oil.

    Check your valve clearances and adjust before you have burnt valves. I run Flashlube in my Rovers. I checked my valve clearances on my 2000 tc after about 20000 miles. There were still to specification. Morey’s Upper cylinder lube should work the same. The main reason I run flashlube is availability.

    I would recommend joining your local Rover club. They probably have a shim set for valve clearances, and can point you in the direction of a mechanic who can tackle the job if you do not want to do it yourself. If you do want to do it yourself, consult here first, I can give some tips. Hopefully your clearances ares still to spec, so you will not have to worry.

  3. Lewis Stephens

    Lewis Stephens New Member

    Thanks James for your generous advice. I will try and obtain a shim
  4. DavidWalker

    DavidWalker New Member

    If it's any help, the Austin/Morris/Leyland 'E' series 1500 and 1750 fours, and 2200 and 2600 sixes ; and the Jaguar V12 and AJ6 motors all use these shims as well. So you have a few more potential sources either for new parts or second hand ones. Don't forget you can shuffle amongst the shims you have to stack the thicknesses to get new clearances.
  5. j_radcliffe

    j_radcliffe Member

    There are also some Mercedes benz motors that use a 13mm shim, and Kawasaki 650 motor cycles use a 13 mm shim which is close enough to 1/2 diameter.
  6. Lewis Stephens

    Lewis Stephens New Member

    Thank you gentlemen.
  7. PNP

    PNP Member

    Hey Lewis, check out the P5 and P6 Owners Australia on Facebook. Several members in Melbourne. Most have V8s but always happy to talk. I second the idea of getting an original manual. very comprehensive.

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