Solex 30PAAI-2 Twin Choke Carburettor Brand New!

For sale (details in a forthcoming RSR Freewheel)

One BRAND NEW unused Solex 30 PAAI-2 Twin Choke carburettor as fitted to 6 cylinder late 1947 Rover P2 16 HP saloons and 1948-9 Rover 75 P3 models.

Also included are two brand new unused and RARE original Solex Variable (turn-screw) Jet assemblies (130) which can be substituted for the main jets already in place within the carburettor casing.

My own P2 still uses a Solex 30FFIA carburettor and I had thought at one time to upgrade it to this later carburettor which of course had incorporated into its casting an accelerator pump (30 FFIA does not have an accelerator pump).

The price for this (most likely unrepeatable item - I have not seen one advertised for sale "used" and certainly not a brand-new, original old stock unused one for many a year) is £350.00 plus postage

I will be happy to email photographs to anyone interested.

Please mail me : Tim Moore (RSR Regional Representative for North West Highlands and Islands) at: